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开放走廊学校公司. has pioneered new frontiers in teacher education for 34 years. OCS celebrates the individual classroom teacher and is honored to serve teacher needs in meeting the changing educational challenges of the 21st century.

All professional development teacher education courses completed with Open Corridor Schools are 在职培训课程 提供三个ceu的.


  • 环境教育-和斯图·施瓦茨曼, begins 1/7

  • Cooperation and Conflict Resolution in the Classroom - 和苏·马斯,1月7日开始
  • Modes of Learning: Methods for the Classroom -和斯图·施瓦茨曼, begins 1/21
  • Improving Writing Using Theater as a Resource - 1月21日开始
  • 面向所有班级的网络技术 with Stu Schwartzman, begins 2/11
  • The Motivation of Student Achievement: Employing Film -和斯图·施瓦茨曼, begins 2/25
  • Improving Reading Comprehension Using Non-Fiction Texts - 和苏·马斯一起,2月25日开始
  • Multiple Intelligences: Logical Understanding - with Stu Schwartzman, begins 3/18
  • Photography as an Enhancement of the Curriculum - 和苏·马斯一起,3月18日开始
  • Methods and Materials for Teaching Gifted Students -和斯图·施瓦茨曼
  • 超越考试的课堂- with Stu Schwartzman, begins 4/15
  • 探究式教学 和苏·马斯一起,4月29日开始
  • Health and Safety Issues for All Classrooms - 斯图·施瓦茨曼,5月6日开始


  • Improving Language Instruction at Differentiated Levels - 和苏·马斯一起,5月20日开始
  • Topics for Classroom Teachers: Utilizing the New NY- with Stu Schwartzman, begins 5/27
  • The Islamic Culture and the American Classroom -和斯图·施瓦茨曼, begins 6/10
  • Topics in Music for Integration into All Classroom LS&A -和斯图·施瓦茨曼, begins 6/26
  • Special Needs Children: Bullies and the Bullied- 斯图·施瓦茨曼,7/1开始
  • Women in History Series - Women Who Influenced American Society - 和苏·马斯一起,7月8日开始
  • Creativity in Early Childhood Education - 和苏·马斯一起,7月15日开始
  • Multiple Intelligences: Interpersonal Understanding - 斯图·施瓦茨曼,7/1开始7
  • 解决问题的艺术with Stu Schwartzman, begins 7/22
  • Non-Fiction Writing in the Classroom - 和苏·马斯一起,7月22日开始
  • Using Close Reading to Improve Instruction - 和苏·马斯一起,7月29日开始
  • Methods for Introducing Fitness Concepts into Curricula -和斯图·施瓦茨曼, begins 8/5
  • Developing Students' Vocabulary and Background Knowledge - 和苏·马斯一起,8月5日开始
  • Gender Issues for the Classroom, Equity and LGBT- with Stu Schwartzman, begins 8/14


  • 教师与领导-和斯图·施瓦茨曼, begins 9/2
  • Strategies to Improve Social-Emotional Learning - 和苏·马斯一起,9月16日开始
  • Incorporating the Native American Experience- with Stu Schwartzman, begins 9/23
  • 校园暴力与媒体- with Stu Schwartzman, begins 10/14
  • Motivating Students Through Creative Play- 和苏·马斯一起,10月14日开始
  • Integrating Images Within All Classrooms-with Stu Schwartzman, begins 11/4
  • 表演艺术 in the Classroom - 和苏·马斯一起,11月4日开始
  • Understanding Modern Art in All Classrooms- with Stu Schwartzman, begins 12/2
  • Integrating Cultural Diversity into the Curriculum - 和苏·马斯,12月2日开始
  • 课堂上的创造力 -with Stu Schwartzman, begins 12/27


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